VRV / VRF Health Checks

VRV / VRF Health Checks

If a system suffers repeat failures, a comprehensive and detailed Health Check should be carried out to ascertain the cause.

All too often when failures occur, parts are changed as a process of elimination without thorough testing in order to ascertain the reason/s leading to repeat failures.

A Health Check is a detailed inspection of all the components within a system. This is carried out using monitoring software, which shows every measurement within the system (sensors, pressures, valves, etc). Using monitoring software enables our engineers to diagnose issues which may have otherwise been missed.

It is recommended that Health Checks are carried out periodically when systems are over 5 years old and certainly when continual system issues appear to be occurring. This is to ensure that all components are correctly functioning and any components which are discovered to be faulty, can be replaced.

This detailed and comprehensive Health Check will identify any underlying issues which may have been the cause if historic failures, as well as identifying any current abnormal operation which could be having a negative effect on occupant comfort.

Once the ‘Health Check’ has been completed, a comprehensive report will be issued explaining our findings and detailing our recommendations.

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