VRV / VRF Optimisation

VRV / VRF Optimisation

We regularly optimise VRV/VRF equipment on sites where a lack of capacity and control issues are the main complaints.

Many buildings which have HVAC installed in them often use more energy than required. Contributory factors of high energy consumption are incorrectly setup and poorly maintained systems. A good understanding of the controls and general settings by the end users, can also be the difference between an efficient and inefficient system.

During our optimisation works, we look at how the systems are being controlled, how each individual unit works under the control system and what improvements can be made by applying various setting alterations. We will also check that the design, installation and application of the system is correct.

If improvements can be made during our attendance (i.e. by altering system settings to improve efficiency), then we would carry out such works with the end user’s consent. The alterations would be explained both verbally during our attendance and comprehensively within the report which follows.

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